Boss Ballet Barres Support Dance and Fitness Goals

Looking the Part

A dancer's physique must be strong and poised. Shouldn't her barre stand with the same integrity?

The ballet barre is designed to help facilitate proper alignment and to support movements both large and small. The ballet barre is an invaluable tool in dance training, and in recent years, many other innovative movement practices have evolved to make use of the barre. 

Dance barres even help teach dancers to dance with one another, teaching what trust is all about. Thus, a professional ballet barre must be trustworthy.

Some Barres Fall Short

Not all ballet barres are created equal. Perhaps you are familiar with a barre that wobbles. Or a barre that has unfortunately been mounted against a wall or even a mirrored wall, limiting the dancers' range of movement and field of vision. Boss Ballet Barres offers a clear solution with our portable ballet barres. 

The Right Stuff

Boss Ballet Barres are made of steel and are the strongest premiere barres available on the market. Dancers benefit from this superior craftsmanship in a freestanding ballet barre.

In every dance, there are times for movement and times for stillness. At Boss Ballet Barres, we supply the leading dance barre guaranteed to stay in place throughout even the most rigorous of classes. 

Boss Ballet's professional ballet barres come with a lifetime warranty. Their easy assembly will have you and your students warming up in no time. We use only the highest quality structural steel and powder coat each barre for an attractive finish and easy cleaning between uses. Don't worry about markings on the floor; we use rubber feet that provide a firm grip leaving no trace behind.

Do you have questions about Boss Ballet Barres? We are a community of ballet and fitness experts and enthusiasts across North America, and we look forward to welcoming you. We invite you to experience our superior customer service and contact us today!