Why do Football Players Practice Ballet?

You may have heard that many professional football players participate in ballet. This is in fact true and there are several reason for this. Ballet provides a number of benefits to athletes. Some males are uncomfortable taking ballet classes due to the stigma and stereotypes associated with men in ballet. These men often choose to set up a home studio with a portable ballet barre. Whether it is in a professional dance studio or at home, football players receive significant benefits from ballet. These include:


  • Focus - Focus is imported on the football field. Ballet improves focus by encouraging the dancer to concentrate on precise movements while also appearing graceful.
  • Flexibility - While some view football as a strength-centered sport, flexibility is very important. It helps players avoid tackles, catch passes, and avoid injuries.
  • Speed - Ballet strengthens the legs, knees, and ankles. This increases running speed. Quickness on the field is crucial to success.
  • Strength - Ballet requires a great deal of arm and leg strength. It strengthens the body without adding bulk. This is why ballet dancers typically have a lean appearance.
  • Endurance - Ballet is an aerobic exercise that improves endurance.
  • Balance - Football players need great balance in order to make those leaping catches and keep their feet on the ground when opponents attempt to tackle them. Ballet is full of jumps, turns, and poses that require balance. Practicing ballet is a wonderful way to improve balance.


Practicing ballet is highly beneficial to athletes of all types. If you are not comfortable with taking ballet classes, you can always practice at home with a portable ballet barre. Contact us with any questions or for more information and assistance.