The Advantages of Portable Barres for Professional Dance Companies

When you're a professional company, you may assume that you need wall-mounted barres for maximum efficiency. After all, you're only going to be using these barres for dance, right? Portable barres for professional dance companies, however, offer a level of flexibility that you might not be expecting.

Change the shape of your practice rooms in minutes. Whether you're trying to fit in more dancers than usual, necessitating a barre in the middle of the floor, or need to move the barres off of the floor to leave more space in the room, you can transform your entire space within moments with a different ballet barre setup. 

Repairs are easier than ever. Sometimes, things get broken--often at the least convenient moments possible. When a portable ballet barre is broken, however, you can simply roll it out and move in another one while awaiting repairs instead of losing part of the functionality of the room until the barre can be repaired. 

You can use both sides of the barre. When you use wall-mounted barres, you can only use one side. With a portable barre, on the other hand, you can position dancers on either side of the barre, making it easier to make the best possible use of your space.

Offer clear line of sight to mirrors on every side of the room. Your dancers need to be able to see themselves constantly: to check their positioning, form, and steps. Wall-mounted barres prevent the entire room from being mirrored, offering an entire side of the room that can't be used to check for vital positioning issues. When you use a portable ballet barre, on the other hand, you don't have to worry about a barre in the middle of the mirror; instead, you're able to offer an unobstructed view. 

Many professional dance companies have already chosen our portable barre options. As a huge plus, all of our barres are covered under a limited Lifetime Warranty.  If you're interested in adding our barres to your company's equipment, and/or would like details on our amazing Lifetime Warranty, please contact us today for more information!