How to Teach Kids to Use a Portable Ballet Barre

How to Teach Kids to Use a Portable Ballet Barre

There are many studies out showing how important it is for kids to get adequate physical activity. We all know how essential it is to get moving, but it's hard to find ways to make it fun. Having a portable ballet barre in your home, or children's recreation facility offers a variety of fun ways for kids to get fit and have fun doing it!

Dance, and particularly ballet, offers many benefits to children of all ages. Increased strength, flexibility, body awareness, and rhythm are just a few of many things kids will gain. It's important to tailor your barre program to fit the age and need of the child.  Follow these tips and start having fun with your barre!


The age of the child will greatly affect what you can do at the barre. Younger children between the ages of 3 and 5 have a shorter attention span and tend to respond favorably to games. Try a round of "ring around the barre".  Between the ages of 6 and 8, children have longer attention spans, but still love to play. Games like "Freeze Dance" give them a chance to explore with what they have learned. Children older than 9 can follow a traditional barre sequence, and maybe help to teach the younger dancers.


Younger children may benefit from beginning a barre class with a brief circle time to warm up; time to focus and discuss what they can expect at the barre. Older kids will be able to start at the barre and spend more time there.

Types of Movement

Younger children are wiggly and love to move! Try spending a shorter amount of time on each movement. Movements like marching in place, releves, and toe touches using the barre for balance are great for them. Older kids can learn traditional movements and terminology, and spend more time on each movement.

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