Ballet Barre Fitness for the Non-Ballerina


Considering barre class but not sure if it's right for you? We understand. Stepping into any dance-based exercise class is intimidating when you haven't exactly been practicing your plies since kindergarten. 

The good news is, ballet barre fitness is a really great way to access your inner dancer and build those lean ballerina muscles without the years of training. Here's three reasons you should get yourself to barre class now, regardless of your dance training:

1) It's easy on the joints. Depending on your age and health, you may not be thinking about the long-term impacts of your workouts. But you should. Choosing a workout that's low-impact helps ensure that you'll be staying fit long into your golden years. Ballet barre fitness provides just that. 

3) It builds lean muscles. If you're not looking to bulk up with bulging muscles, barre class is for you. Ballet barre fitness builds long, lean muscles by focusing on small, sustained, isolated movements. Not only that, but it focuses on toning your entire body from arms to inner thigh gap, giving you a thorough and rewarding workout. 

4) It's a fun, social way to get your body moving! You may not think of yourself as the world's greatest dancer, but barre is a great hybrid between fitness and dance that makes it accessible to everyone. Barre fitness buffs are also a dedicated and fun community of people, making your workout experience feel more like hanging out with friends than stepping into an impersonal gym. If you're looking to build a community of people who care about maintaining health while having fun, ballet barre fitness is the way to go. 

Interested in learning more and making the switch to becoming a dedicated ballet barre fitness aficionado? Contact us to learn more about our portable ballet barres and how they can help you jump-start your training.