5 Pretty Little Songs for Dance Class' PLL Finale Buzz

The summer finale of FreeForm’s hit-series Pretty Little Liars aired last month and if your dance class was just now getting back in full swing… then you likely heard all about it. PLL has garnered quite the following among the tween and teen audience (even among adults), but aside from its dramatic and sometimes ridiculous plots (and plot holes) … its musical choices are anything but lackluster. If you are working with a younger set in your dance class, choosing songs from your class’ favorite pop culture phonemes are a sure-fire way to get them even more invested in a lifetime of expressive, passionate dance and these 5 favorite tunes from PLL’s 7-year stretch are far too good to keep “a secret” …


A Fresh Pair of Eyes by Brooke Waggoner

Prefect for a more difficult lyrical solo, Brooke Waggoner’s unexpected mix of Indie sounds and sporadic counts of silence will wow judges… or just an audience. If the counts from this melody are a little too advanced, Brooke has a rather vast body of work that has a cult-following among hipsters, artists and even dance teachers.


Turn Our Eyes Away by Trent Dabbs

This song of redemption is dripping with sorrow and elements of hesitant hope. Trent’s lyrics cut deep and the somber tone of the music lends itself well to almost any heartfelt choreography that your studio can dream up.


Ride by Lana Del Rey

What doesn’t Lana Del Rey do well? The answer to that is nothing. However, what Lana does better than anything is give us melodies filled with lonely, quirky lyrics and soulful notes that sound as if they grew on a vine somewhere and blossomed for the world to hear.


All Those Pretty Lights by Andrew Belle

This hit wasn’t huge, but for obscure artists like Belle, this song had an overwhelming underground following that boasted of hundreds of thousands of listens. If you have the budget, a backdrop of twinkle lights can bring this song and your own unique blend of movement to life.

Jack and Jill by Katie Herzig

PLL loves its Katie Herzig and has featured several of her songs on the show throughout the years. This little number, however, is especially whimsical and makes for a brilliant duet. It has a very childlike innocence and, if you want to go theatrical, pairs perfectly with a white cotton dress with plenty of movement.



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