Pairing Pilates and Barre for a Total Workout

When pilates and barre join forces, the result is a body filled to the brim with both strength and flexibility. Combining isometric holds with controlled movements means a low-impact but high-result workout. Take for example the barre3 method, which you can easily do at home with your portable ballet barre.

The method’s creator, Sadie Lincoln, uses both a ballet barre and a pilates ball to work the arms, waist, and inner thighs. See a step-by-step instruction guide, or watch a sample 20-minute video before sweating it out at home. “Focus on finding both the ease and effort in each move and after you’ll feel leaner and stronger, and grounded, revitalized, and less anxious too,” Lincoln advises.

Musing on the “beauty of barre and Pilates and yoga,” one first-time attendee of a barre/Pilates combo class wrote, “while requiring deceptively little movement, they move your muscles in such a way that you end up feeling as if you’ve really worked out. You pay attention to your breathing and your core because doing so can keep you from falling down, and as a result, your core muscles strengthen over time.”

BarreConcept, created by Emma Newham, the founder of Pilates Union, is another fusion workout method that can be done at home. Check out a 20-minute demo video which promises to “tone the thighs, lift your butt, sculpt your arms and flatten your abs.” Karen Vizueta at Workout Hotel also offers a barre and pilates fusion workout video to “tone, sculpt, and trim your legs.” Pilates Happy Hour is yet another example of a pilates-infused barre workout which works your legs, arms, and core in a 10-minute routine. Keep browsing on your own and you’ll find dozens of other step-by-step guides and videos to continually spice up your at-home barre routine.

Eager to take your workouts off the living room floor and onto the barre? Get in touch for assistance choosing a barre that suits your fitness and space needs.