Use A Portable Ballet Barre For Better Balance in Yoga Class or At Hom

Use A Portable Ballet Barre For Better Balance in Yoga Class or At Home

We all expect to see a barre when we enter a ballet or dance studio. But did you ever think about the benefits a barre can bring to your yoga practice? Whether you're a teacher or a student, whether you're practicing at home or at a yoga studio, the barre is a useful tool to use for many standing poses, especially when a new balance pose is introduced to your practice.

Sometimes yoga teachers will encourage their students to move to the wall for additional support, but in tightly packed studios, that can be tricky. Sometimes there just isn't enough wall to go around - especially when you're doing a spread out pose like Half Moon - and it can be awkward leaving your own mat and stepping over other peoples' to get in position. And at home you may have difficulty working around the furniture.

portable ballet barre is a great solution. You can easily set up one or more barres in the middle of the class space and allow everyone to get that little assist without having to move to the wall. Yoga students are already familiar with the use of other props such as blocks, straps, and cushions. The barre is a great new prop to give a bit of added stability when you're doing a variety of standing asanas, including:

You can also use the barre to help you assess how close to vertical your arms are in revolved side angle or triangle poses. Just line your feet up below the barre and see if your arm touches the top when you do your twist. Don't push if it doesn't. Remember, yoga should take you outside your comfort zone, but not into areas where you're straining too hard. If a new standing or twisting pose is too much of a challenge to do unassisted, that's why the barre is there - to support you until you begin to master the new asana. Grip it lightly and sink into your body. Breathe. Relax. Breathe. Isn't that better than wobbling and straining?

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