Five Essentials for Ballet Barre Fitness

When you put your hand on the ballet barre, it's time you reserve for yourself with no distractions. So what should every budding ballerina bring to the barre to maintain focus and a worry-free workout? Here are five essentials to bring to any ballet barre fitness workout, whether it's at the studio or your very own portable barre.

1) Hair Clips

No ones wants to struggle through jetes with hair in their face. The good news? Hair clips are not only functional, but can also be cute. Consider adding a few clips with bling to your ballet barre bag, such as Capezio's Daisy Hair Pins

2) Breathable Tights

Form fitting clothes are essential for being able to see your own alignment and get feedback from instructors. Now that it's summer, add a breathable pair of tights with mesh inserts to your barre class rotation to keep it cool even in the summer heat like Athleta's Crux Capri tight. 

3) A Convenient Water Bottle

Hydration is key! Keep a water bottle close-by that's easy to sip from, with no added time needed to unscrew lids or mess with fancy tops. We prefer a classic CamelBak Eddy bottle for an easy sip and go hydration option. 

4) Functional Foot Protection

When you're at the barre you want contact with the floor while protecting your feet. Ballet barre footwear can range from traditional ballet shoes, to socks, to the edgier hybrid trainer shoes like Nike's Studio Wrap cross-trainers. Every option is great, it's all about what's the most comfortable for you!

5) Confidence and a Smile

Most of what you need to succeed in class is the knowledge that you're doing your best and having fun while doing it! Whether you're a new ballet barre member, or an experienced pro, there's always room for improvement. Consider getting your own portable ballet barre for extra practice at home so you can step into class confident and ready to take direction. Contact us today with any questions about which barre is right for your home workout; we'd be happy to help.