Power Snacks for Ballet Barre Fitness

Ballet barre fitness may look dainty and graceful, but we all know it's hard work! And hard work requires the kind of food that will help your body power through an hour of relevè madness and build long, lean muscles afterwards. Here are our top power fuel suggestions for every type of barre class. 

The Leisurely Home Workout  

For afternoons when your going solo at your portable ballet barre at home, you have some extra time to craft the kind of snack that's not only healthy, but delicious. Try scrambling one egg with chives and low-fat cream cheese and piling it on a piece of whole wheat toast with tomato slices. This snack is full of not only protein, but also the whole grains and calcium that your bones need for barre success. 

The Early Morning Grab and Go

For mornings when you need to run out the door to make that 6 am class before work, throw a pre-packaged but nutritious snack like Bumble Bee Sensations Lemon & Pepper Seasoned Tuna Medley or a Powerful Yogurt for some post-workout power. Packed with 18 grams of protein, it's sure to get you that mental focus needed for your morning meetings.

The Post Workout Protein Power-Up

Craving something chocolate-y but with half the calories? Blend up some almond milk, peanut butter, cocoa powder, ice and one banana for a shake that packs both the protein and the potassium your muscles need post workout. Throw in some honey or dates for a natural sweetener with half the calories. 

Want more time at home to focus on nutrition and meal prep? Contact us to see about owning your very own portable ballet barre and give yourself the ability to workout at home, on your own schedule.