Dressing for Barre Success

Barre fitness is a popular and serious workout regimen.  No leotard or tutu required; here are four tips to dress for a comfy and stylish barre class.


You’re going to sweat, so avoid long sleeves and heavy materials that don’t wick away moisture. A sports tank top that lets you comfortably bend, twist, and reach without clinging is a good bet. Look for something like this performance tank with an elegant criss-cross back fit for a ballerina. A comfortable tee with a relaxed silhouette can be a good choice, too, like this steel grey tee. Guys, same advice applies to you; a tank or tee fits the bill, like this sleeveless tee made of soft cotton spandex.


Traditional yoga pants or capris are a common sight in your average barre class, and body-hugging bottoms help the instructor see if you’ve got proper hip and knee placement. These skimmer capri pants with moisture-wicking jersey material or these printed leggings with spandex would let you plié with ease. For the men, comfortable activewear shorts like these are a good choice.


It’s common to go barefoot, but some people like to use non-slip socks or barre-specific shoes to have a better grip on the floor, keep foot muscles warm and activated, or for extra sole support. Nike Studio Wraps, for example, may be helpful in barre, yoga, Pilates, dance, and other workouts done barefoot. Socks like Pure Barre Sticky Socks are a more affordable, less heavy-duty option.


We mentioned you’ll be sweaty, so you’ll probably want to keep your hair off your neck and face. Some barre workouts involve periods lying down on your back, so if you have a big, bulky bun at the back-center of your head, you may be uncomfortable and out of alignment. Opt for a high bun or ponytail.

Alright, you’re ready to go! Head out the door or skip the gym fees altogether and bring the class home with a portable ballet barre! We've even got some workout blogs to get you started. Questions about our selection, or need some advice on which barre is the right one for you? Get in touch

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