Resources for Your Home Barre Workouts

You've probably heard about some of the amazing benefits of barre workouts, inspired by the moves ballet dancers do at the barre. They combine yoga, Pilates, and dance to give you a workout that builds long, lean muscles!

Celebrities--including Ginnifer Goodwin and Kelly Ripa--have been using barre workouts to stay in shape for years. In fact, Natalie Portman used a form of barre to get her dancer’s body in Black Swan

Anyone can complete a barre class. You don’t need to be super flexible or have a background in dance. With a portable ballet barre you can benefit from this popular form of exercise even if you don't live near a gym that offers barre classes or if you prefer to exercise at home. 

Worried that even with the proper equipment, you won't be able to achieve your fitness goals? Fear not! There are many resources that give you the knowledge to put your at-home ballet barre to good use!

Barre Workout Videos HQ links to over 100 free online barre workout videos. The videos vary in length and ability level, so you're sure to find several workouts that meet your needs, including toning your muscles. Barre classes often include very short movements, like lifting your legs only a few inches off the ground, repeated several times. This repetition allows you to target and tone individual muscles and lose inches!

Fitness Blender offers similar free videos, but the videos on this site include helpful information about how many calories you'll burn during the workout. Because barre exercises use some of the largest muscle groups in your body--like your quads--you burn a lot of calories during these workouts. As you develop more muscle, your resting metabolic rate will improve, so you’ll burn more calories all the time!

If you're determined to get the same experience at home as you would in classes offered by popular barre studios, try a Pure Barre DVD. Many of these workouts constantly engage your core muscles. Having a strong core not only gives you a flat stomach but also reduces back pain and improves your posture.

Contact us if you have questions about the benefits of having your own portable ballet barre or need help deciding which barre is right for you, .