4 Reasons Swimmers Should Cross-Train with a Barre

Every athlete knows that cross-training is an important part of growing strong and flexible, and swimmers are no exception. Unfortunately, trying to find a cross-training activity that you actually enjoy can be tricky. Most swimmers never even consider the fact that they could be doing something fun and exciting like ballet with a portable ballet barre. Here are a few good reasons every swimmer should be considering barre exercises on their off days.

1 - Ballet helps you maintain excellent body alignment.

Exercising with a barre will encourage your body to find the right alignment, giving you excellent posture. The purpose for this is to prevent injuries frequently caused by misalignment. Barre workouts are also used by rehabilitating athletes, showing just how helpful it can be.

2 - Ballet improves your motor skills.

The better your motor skills, the more efficiently your body cuts through the water. Not only will you become a faster swimmer, but you will also become a more graceful one.

3 - Ballet offers excellent resistance training.

As the weight of your body presses against the floor with each maneuver, you are strengthening your muscles. Strength builds as you jump, hop and turn.

4 - Ballet barres help you warm-up before a swim.

You already know that warming up is essential to preventing injuries and moving fluidly. Barre exercises can help you loosen up as well, encouraging a great stretch that will help you feel longer as you swim.

Thinking outside the box will challenge to you to try many exciting new things that will improve your ability to glide with ease. Using a ballet barre gives you the opportunity to improve your speed and agility with each session.  If you're interested in improving your overall physical condition, or increasing your swimming capability, please contact us to learn more about your options.