Why Have a Portable Ballet Barre at Home?

If you're just getting into barre-style fitness, you might be wondering why you would make the investment to purchase a portable ballet barre.  After all, you can accomplish the same thing by holding on to the counter or the back of a chair, right?  Well...not exactly.  

Barres are designed to be exactly the right height.  The back of that chair--and even your counter--might be a few inches off of the ideal height for performing many of these exercises.  When your hand rests on a surface that is too high or too low, it can put your entire body out of alignment--and then you won't perform the exercises correctly.  At the very least, this won't give you the results you're hoping for; and at the worst, it can make you more prone to injury.  There are also several stretches and exercises that are designed be done at the exact height of a ballet barre--not at the height of your counter or chair.

Barres offer more stability.  While you can rest assured that your kitchen counter probably isn't going to move on you, that chair that you've been dragging into the middle of your living room every time you want to do your barre routine might not.  If you're just using it for a little added stability, that's fine; but if you lose your balance and grab on, you might end up toppling to the ground.  A ballet barre, on the other hand, is designed to provide the stability you need--even if you get a bit wobbly.  

You can tuck your barre out of the way easily.  Because of their compact, portable design, it's easy to tuck your portable ballet barre out of the way in any room of your house--without taking up valuable space that you need to use for other activities.  Our barres are also designed so that it's easy for you to tuck them out of the way when you're done with them.  

Ready to buy a portable ballet barre of your own?  Contact us with any questions you might have, we're always more than willing to discuss your options.