General Benefits of a Barre Workout

Barre workouts aren't just for ballerinas anymore.  While dancers certainly benefit immensely from making a barre routine part of their everyday schedules, normal fitness enthusiasts can gain a number of advantages from a barre workout (whether a ballet-style workout or simply one that is inspired by those movements).  Those benefits include:


  • A workout that is easy on the joints.  Controlled movements add strength and flexibility without the danger of injury, so you can get a great workout without bouncing or jumping.
  • Barre exercises have a heavy emphasis on the glutes and thighs, so not only do they create a leaner, slimmer body that looks great in your skinny jeans, they also help you lose weight by targeting large muscle groups and burning calories.
  • Barre exercises can be done at home, whenever they fit into your schedule.  As a beginner, you can of course use a counter or chair to provide the necessary support, but as you spend more time on these exercises, you'll certainly begin to see the benefits of using the strongest portable ballet barre on the market to help make your workout even more successful.
  • Barre exercises improve posture and increase core strength.  Once you've been performing a barre routine for a little while, you'll discover that you are walking taller and experiencing greater overall strength.  When you're working at the barre, if you're doing it properly, your core muscles are always engaged--so you'll definitely be feeling it the next day!
  • You're able to change it up often.  There are a wide variety of exercises that can be performed to any style of music, so you can change it up in keeping with your mood for the day, your musical preference, or your ability level.
  • Barre exercises are designed to help increase flexibility, elongate muscles, and help you keep that slim line you've always wanted.

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