Three Beginner's Ballet Barre Workout Exercises

Three Beginner's Ballet Barre Workout Exercises

Ballet barre workouts are a growing trend and with very good reason. These workouts tend to be low impact on the joints while still keeping your heart rate up and toning all of your muscles. With these full body workouts, ballet barres are not just for the ballerinas anymore. If you are a beginner and interested in trying a ballet barre workout, try out this simple ballet barre workout plan to get you started. All you need is a barre. Although a chair or couch will work to get you started, a barre will be more sturdy and easier to grip and is highly advised for long-term use.

Exercise 1: Plies/Ballet Squats

Start with both hands on the barre and your feet together. An important safety tip to keep in mind is that your knees should bend over your toes, if they wiggle to the side you could cause injury. Now, bend your knees until you feel like your heels are about to come off the floor. This is called a plie. Come back up so you are standing tall. Great now do this so you are going down for 4 counts and back up for 4 counts. Repeat 5 times. When you are ready, try this same exercise with your feet just past hip distance apart. If you feel bold, angle your feet away from each other with your heels coming together and do five more plies.

Exercise 2: Calf Raises/Releve

Still facing the barre, start with your feet together. Rise up onto the balls of your feet while keeping your legs straight. This is called a releve. For this exercise, rise up for a count of 2 and then lower for a count of two. You should feel every little section in your foot working. Do this 5 times. Want more of a challenge? Do a plie first, then roll through your feet to rise, before straightening your legs over a 4-count. Do this 5 times. If you are feeling good, try both exercises with your legs turned out. Now, lift one leg straight behind you, but keep it just a few inches from the ground. Releve 10 times on your standing leg. Switch legs and repeat.

Exercise 3: Battement/Leg Lifts

Now, put one hand on the barre. For safety, make sure you have full control of your legs while doing this workout. Starting with your feet together, lift your outside leg slowly in front of you while keeping both legs straight trying to get it as high as it will go without straining your muscles or pitching your upper body forward, then lower it back next to your standing leg. This is called a battement. Do 3 battements to the front with 2 count up, 2 counts down and then do 2 more with 1 count up, 1 count down. Repeat to the side and the back. Be careful when battementing to the back that you don't pitch forward and don't strain your back. When in doubt keep the leg low and controlled. If you want an added challenge, repeat the exercise with your legs turned out. Don't forget to switch your hand on the barre and repeat on the other side.

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