Boss Physical Therapy Bars

Introducing our new Boss Physical Therapy Bars specially designed to provide Occupational Therapists, Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist and Physical Therapists with a durable and portable solution that will help their patients recover as comfortably and quickly as possible. 

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About Our Bars

Boss Physical Therapy Bars are an important tool to help gain and retain wellness and mobility for both young and old.  

Our Bars not only aid in gaining 

but they also help treat injured, ill, or disabled patients through the therapeutic use of everyday activity. 

Boss Physical Therapy Bars help these patients 
- develop       
- recover 
- improve 
- maintain skills and mobility for daily living and working.

Our Physical Therapy Bars are one of the Occupational Therapists, Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist and Physical Therapist’s favorite tools and are being used in many
- Medical offices & Hospitals
- Wellness centers & Rehabilitation centers   
- Community Centers & YMCAs
- gyms and 
- homes across North America. 

The reason Boss Bars are the preferred physical therapy Bar is because it will give both the Therapists and the patients peace of mind as the Bars are designed to be 
-portable yet strong; 
-movable, yet extremely stable; 
-easy to set up, yet nearly impossible to damage. 

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