Boss Ballet Barres AR

Boss Ballet Barres AR

Our New Ballet Barre AR app has arrived!

We are excited to share with you how it will make choosing the right ballet barre for your studio or home easier than even before! 

What is AR?

AR or augmented reality allows you to see images on your phone in real life blending computer generated images with your outside surroundings. 

Our AR app will allow you to see our barres in your studio or home so you can pick the right barre for your needs.

How does it work? 

1. Simply click on the app.

2. Choose your desired barre length

3. Choose where you want to see the barre. The line in the middle shows the orientation of the barre.

4. Tap on the white spot and the barre will show up

5. Pick a barre color

6. Sit back and enjoy

Click the App Store or Play Store button below or scan the QR code to download the free app today.