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Boss Physical Therapy Bars

Boss Bars are the strongest most durable portable Physical Therapy Bars on the market perfect for helping patients improve their flexibility, endurance and strength without the hassle of conventional bars. Widely used by Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist, Occupational and Physical Therapists in hospitals, gyms and wellness centers across North America. Boss Bars provide a comfortable and secure experience for all patients both young and old.

Boss Bars have a well-earned reputation as the strongest, most durable and dependable physical therapy bars available.

Our Pro Series line of portable bars and parallel bars are designed for daily high volume use, such as:
• Medical offices & hospitals
• Wellness centers & Rehabilitation centers
• Community centers, YMCAs, Colleges & Universities
• Gyms & homes across North America

Investing in Boss Bars allows you to best support and assist your clients by:
• Developing strength & coordination
• Recovering range of motion
• Improving quality of life
• Maintaining skills and mobility for daily living and working.