Work On Your Splits with the Strongest Portable Ballet Barres

Have you been working on your splits but you just can't get there? Stretching in class is not going to be enough for most people. You have to stretch at home too—even everyday! Here are some tips for stretching your splits at home so you can impress in class.

  1. Get a portable ballet barre. Just like you do barre stretches in class, you can continue barre stretches at home. Using the barre to stretch your splits allows you to push your splits beyond 180 degrees. Boss Ballet Barres provides dancers with the strongest portable ballet barres on the market for stretching and barre routines.
  2. Hold stretches for at least 30 seconds. This may come as a shock to you because 30 seconds feels like a long time to hold a stretch. But according to Fitness Magazine, a stretch less than 20 or 30 seconds won't be long enough to stretch out the muscle fibers. Just be careful to not hold the same stretch for too long because that can cause an injury.
  3. Since you will be holding stretches for 30 seconds, you may be spending a long time stretching. Stretch while you watch TV or find a podcast you like to listen to in order to take your mind off of stretching. Time will go much faster if you can distract yourself.

When you stretch with your portable ballet barre, hold stretches for 30 seconds or longer, and distract yourself with a show or podcast while you are stretching, you are sure to get your splits soon. Remember to stretch everyday at home. And contact us at Boss Ballet Barres to get the strongest portable ballet barre to help with your stretching.