Why Steel Should be Your Favorite Metal

Why Steel Should be Your Favorite Metal


Let's pretend you're in our workshop. Before you is a workbench with two table vices on it, and there's a thin bar of metal pinched in the grip of each vice. Each bar is long like a yardstick and just two and a half millimeters thick, like a thick stack of paper. One is light, silvery white. The other is hard, sturdy grey. Now, what if you tried to bend them? Do you think you could?

We'll start with the first bar; the silvery one. Put on some gloves (this one is splintery,) and get a grip on the end of it, like you're about to push a lever. Just give it a push. If you just lean into it, the bar bends. There's a crackle of tearing metal, and that splintery white bar folds neatly over, right where the vice pinches it. Let go, and it stays that way. Quite bent and broken.

Next, we'll move to the second bar. Dark grey, and very smooth. No need for those gloves. Take a grip, again, like a lever, and push. Put all your weight into it. It barely budges at all. You'll find that no matter how hard you try and bend that bar; it springs right back. This bar is steel. The first was aluminum.

Now, aluminum has its uses. Lightweight and corrosion resistant, it's used for cans and airplane fuselages. But at Boss, we don't make cans and airplanes. We make ballet barres. And for our purposes, aluminum is nothing compared to steel.

With over three times the load-bearing capacity of aluminum (let alone old-fashioned wood) steel tubing is the material dancers and fitness students need to support them. Combined with a powder-coated finish and lightweight, durable construction, it remains smooth and strong for countless hard-wearing years. 

Steel is simply our favorite metal. We think it can be yours, too.

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