Why it's Smarter to Invest in the Strongest Ballet Barres

Why it's Smarter to Invest in the Strongest Ballet Barres

Ballet is an ephemeral dance, an art of profound grace and beauty. Most people, dancers or not, can appreciate the sheer strength and grit required to pursue dance on a professional level. It's not a secret: Dancers are tough in every way. Shouldn't a dancer's equipment be just as strong? 

Ballet dancers of all ages can be very hard on their barres. Adult dancers frequently place a high percentage of their body weight onto the barre in somewhat precarious stretching positions, often with more than one dancer at a time. At times, a barre may not be as sturdy as one expects. It's clear that a sturdier barre goes a long way in aiding the dancer. Dancers have enough technique to think about without the distraction of a wobbly barre.

Have you ever been in class and witnessed a very young dancer hanging upside down from the barre, and worried that something disastrous would happen, for which you and your studio would ultimately be liable? Traditional wooden barres bolted into the wall are not at all designed to withstand repeated misuse such as this. Yet, kids will be kids. Wouldn't you rather rest assured that when that same student behaves in such a manner, they won't fall on their head due to a broken barre?

At Boss Ballet Barres, we call ourselves Boss for a reason. As an industry leader, we offer a complete line of the strongest steel ballet barres available today. Our models are built with great care and pride to serve every dancer, from the little princess to the prima ballerina. Our barres set up and break down with ease, and provide you and your dancers with the sturdiest, strongest barres on the market. They are also portable and easily transported. Whether you require a barre for home or studio we've got you covered. 

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