Portable ballet barres have evolved from the old wobbly construction to a strong high-strength structural steel design making them ideal for studios needing efficient use of space and convenience. Using a quick connection system, only a hex key which is included is needed to set up or break down the barre.

Why Choose a Portable Ballet Barre Over a Wall-Mounted Barre?

Students can use both sides of the bar

Wall mounted ballet barres take up double the space of a portable barre since only one side of the bar can be used for students. With a portable ballet barre, both sides can be utilized for student practice allowing for more efficient use of studio space.

Change the look of your studio

A portable ballet barre allows you to change the look or design of a studio since the barres can be easily broken down or moved unlike a wall mounted barre which can't be changed. Maximizing floor space is a breeze because the portable barre can be broken down in minutes. 

Take your practice anywhere

It's easy to move your practice or take your classes with you since the barre is portable. The convenience of a portable barre allows you to take your dance practice anywhere contrary to the wall mounted barre. Moving your studio has never been easier. 

A more affordable choice

The initial cost of a portable barre is more affordable since both sides can be used, unlike a wall mounted barre. A wall-mounted barre would need to be double the length for the same number of students. It's also a smart choice for home use as well since there is no drilling and mounting the barre to the wall.

Free-standing ballet barres are changing the game for dancers everywhere. For more information on how you can benefit from a portable ballet barre, please contact us