Why A Portable Steel Ballet Barre Is The Way To Go

Why A Portable Steel Ballet Barre Is The Way To Go

Having high quality ballet barres to use for your dance classes is very important. While there are several different barres out there to choose from, one great option is a portable steel ballet barre. These barres are created to be top-of-the-line and they have a lot to offer. Here are three excellent reasons why a steel ballet barre is the way to go. 

Larger Diameter Tube 

The tube of the portable steel ballet barre is made to be larger in diameter than other dance barres. This helps to increase the strength and stability of the barre, allowing several dancers to use it at one time. This is perfect for a classroom setting where each barre is going to be fully used on a regular basis. The larger diameter is also nearly impossible to break, so you know that your investment is protected. 

No Middle Leg

The middle of the portable steel barre was created to be extra strong and durable. This was done by incorporating tensile strength and deflection capabilities to this specific area. This allowed the third leg of the barre to be completely removed. This means that more dancers can stand and use the bar at one time, without any negative repercussions of having the added weight. 

Powder-Coated Finish 

One of the issues that arise with wooden barres is the wearing off of the finish. Once it starts wearing off, the wood can become much more rough and splinters become an issue. This isn't the case at all with the steel ballet barres because a powder-coat is added to the surface of the steel. This power-coated finish creates a very smooth surface for the dancers to grab onto that won't wear off overtime. 

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