Why a Portable Ballet Barre vs. Wall Mounted

Why a Portable Ballet Barre vs. Wall Mounted

Growing up in the dance world, you'll remember the old studios with the wooden barre attached to the wall with brackets. Six dancers in flawless uniform arabesque position lined along the bar. Light shining through the windows. It's a classic dance studio image.

But today, studio, dancer, and fitness needs are different. There are more and more students pursuing their dance dreams, but less and less space to teach them in. Not to mention that mom's are starting their kids at a younger age, when they can't quite reach those wall-mounted bars, as the brackets are mounted too high. We have also seen a rise in barre fitness classes. 

For all of these reasons and more, Boss Ballet's free-standing barres are the perfect solution for dance and fitness studios, schools, travel needs, and home-use alike. Each barre is made from the highest quality materials - specifically our high-strength, durable, structural steel tubes. And every barre offers a quick-connection system where one simple hex key, which is included, is all that is needed for set up and breakdown. They are sturdy enough for daily professional studio use, not just home or occasional use.

The ease with which they can be moved around makes them far more efficient for dance and fitness studios than barres fixed to a wall. Plus, dancers can be placed on BOTH sides of the barres, meaning more students can be enrolled and less initial expense overall. We even offer a barre option for younger dancers!

All in all, Boss Ballet Barres offers the ultimate portable ballet barre for stretching, training, and even working out. They are suitable for both experienced dancers, as well as for beginners - all heights and age ranges. 

Here at Boss Ballet Barres, we offer several types of portable ballet barres for sale that can be shipped throughout the United States and Canada for your convenience. We also offer a limited lifetime warranty with each barre.

Choose the best ballet barre for your needs:

Pro Series: The strongest, most durable ballet barres we offer. Great for schools, or for dance and fitness studios.

Intermediate Series: These ballet barres are perfect for smaller studios and homes.

Princess Barre: These barres are made just for younger, beginning dancers!  A lower height than our other barres makes it perfect for 3 to 5 year-olds.

With so many options to choose from, we'd love to help you find the barre that best fits your needs. For more information, contact us today!