Why A Portable Ballet Barre Is Perfect For Barre Fitness Classes

Why A Portable Ballet Barre Is Perfect For Barre Fitness Classes

A portable ballet barre is an excellent tool that allows you to really expand what you can do when it comes to any type of barre work. One instance where a portable bar is incredibly helpful is for use in barre fitness classes. Here's why!

It Allows Any Gym To Have Barre Classes

One problem that gyms are running into when it comes to hosting their own barre fitness classes is the lack of ballet studies inside of gyms. However, this problem can be completely fixed with the portable ballet barre. This barre can easily be placed inside of any traditional fitness studio and it immediately turns it into a barre studio. This allows so many more gyms to offer barre classes to their members and really helps everyone enjoy this awesome style of exercise.

They Are Quick And Easy To Move 

Another great thing about portable ballet barres is that they are incredibly easy to maneuver around. This makes it super simple for class members to carry them out to the middle of the floor at the beginning of class and then return them back to the wall when class is over. This means that the barres aren't in the way during other classes and they aren't at risk of being damaged or used improperly. 

They Function Just Like A Mounted Bar 

Even though the portable ballet barres are freestanding, they function just as a mounted ballet barre would. With people on either side of them during class, they will stay standing perfectly upright and allow you to easily perform a series of ballet moves. Since barre fitness classes use the barre for almost every single move, having a barre that functions properly is essential. 

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