Using a Portable Ballet Barre for Pilates and Barre

You may not have ever considered yourself to be in the market for a portable ballet barre if you aren't a dancer or don't have children who dance. But the fact is, a portable ballet barre is more than a tool for dancers. It is an excellent fitness tool as well. Those who are fans of Pilates and barre fitness can benefit from the use of a portable barre in their home.

Going to Pilates or barre classes at your local gym or studio is fun and important. Learning proper technique, having a sense of accountability, and building a community are great reasons to attend class. But also, there are plenty of times when going to class just isn't practical. For example you may want to work out when there isn't a class offered. Perhaps you just want to roll out of bed and work out first thing in the morning without the hassle of getting ready and driving to the gym. Maybe you are a busy stay-at-home-mom who needs to get a work out in while her little ones are napping. Whatever the reason, having access to a barre at home is so helpful for those who love barre and Pilates.

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