Top Three Reasons to Start Integrating Pilates and Barre

Top Three Reasons to Start Integrating Pilates and Barre

You probably already recognize pilates as a remarkably dynamic exercise that builds strength by stabilizing the body's core muscles. However, the successful integration of pilates and barre can pack a more powerful punch into your daily routine due to a number of sound factors related to core centering and conditioning. Below are three benefits of incorporating the barre into your pilates workout regimen: 

Less Pressure and Tension on Muscles and Joints: The barre will help to maintain your balance as you transition from pose to pose, which will, in turn, encourage you to better engage with the moves themselves and the accompanying breathing methods instead of grappling to stay centered. Remember to lightly hold the barre instead of grabbing it; think of the barre as a tool used for stabilizing your body, not for supporting your full weight.

Better Form for Each Movement: In order to maximize your workouts, it's crucial to consistently maintain proper form. The barre helps you maintain proper alignment in your pilates workout from start to finish and is ideal for isolating specific muscle groups to build even more strength, flexibility, and stamina.  

Improved Posture Overall: Aside from offering a better form for specific exercises, the barre's height naturally encourages improved posture, which is essential to pilates' basic premise of core conditioning. The abdominal muscles and spine are your gateway, so it's important to stay properly aligned throughout your workout. 

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