Theme Classes Help You Enjoy the Best Ballet Barre Value

From edutainment to retailtainment, it seems like everything has to have entertainment value these days. Fitness is no exception. Many spin classes and yoga studios are offering theme classes, and you might want to take the same approach with your dance barre lessons. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Make it authentic. No matter how appealing a theme sounds, it has to be suitable for your students and your teaching style. You may heard of Barre Hops featuring hip hop music, and it is a clever play on words. However, if you know your students are mostly classical or country music enthusiasts, it might not be much fun for them, and it could even look pretty awkward.

Let students opt out: You also want to avoid overdoing it. Some people will enjoy wearing costumes, but others may go elsewhere if you try to force the issue. When it comes to decorations, less is usually more too. In fact, something as simple as handing out tangerines for Christmas day classes may be a memorable gesture.

Develop a playlist: For many theme classes, music is the simplest and most obvious element. Spend time putting together selections that your students will enjoy.

Be trendy: It's okay to have fun with themes tied to blockbuster movies, popular TV shows, nostalgia or upcoming holidays. Give your students a reason to smile.

Be serious: Even better, may be selecting themes that focus the workout. You could advertise classes for general fitness, weight loss, or specific therapeutic issues like living with arthritis or lower back pain.

Successful barre studios depend on creative offerings like theme classes, as well as the best equipment you can provide. Our Pro Series are the strongest, most durable ballet barres and still portable so they're great for studios, schools, and fitness centers who want to maximize their space. Contact Boss Ballet Barres today to get the latest on sales, new releases, and more.