The Best Reasons to have a Portable Ballet Barre

Not enough ballet in your life? Waiting impatiently for your next barre class?

You need that workout now. Why?

There are many reasons to make regular barre workouts a part of your daily life. Most well-known are the physical benefits of a barre workout. But equally important is the mind-body connection. Having a portable ballet barre puts all these benefits within easy reach.

First let's look at what a barre workout can do for your body. It makes you stronger, working multiple muscle groups all at once, which also raises your heart rate and increases your endurance. See the easy and graceful movements of athletes and dancers? It looks that way because they are strong.

Even if you are not a ballet dancer, or a dancer of any kind, you can do barre work. A good barre exercise session makes you more flexible and consistently engages your core. A strong core is essential no matter what kind of physical activities you engage in, anything from ballet to bowling. This type of exercise elongates the muscles, which helps improve posture and prevent injuries. It also improves balance, which is a special concern if you are getting older, or are unsteady. Strengthening your muscles keeps osteoporosis at bay.

Your barre workout also targets large muscle groups such as glutes and thighs. Over time you will build lean muscle mass, raise your metabolic rate and burn more calories. You may want to hang a mirror by your barre, because you will like the way you look. 

These are all good and important reasons to do regular barre workouts. But here's the best reason: it is a mindful form of exercise. A barre session focuses on smaller movements, which leads to an awareness of your body and an improved mind-body connection. Even though it is an intensive workout, barre exercise is also a form of dance, something we could all use more of. A barre workout brings energy, self-awareness and joy. If you are looking for a sustainable workout for your body and your mind, or if you just want more ballet in your life, try a portable ballet barre. For more information, contact us.