The Benefits of Isometric Exercises Used in Barre

Even if you are familiar with using the barre for your daily workouts, you might not realize exactly why it works. Barre works thanks to isometric exercise like those found in ballet movements. In working with a barre, you will reap the many benefits of isometric movements.

Isometric Exercises Build Lean Muscle

If you are worried about "bulking up," barre is a great exercise for you. Isometric exercises contribute to lean muscle by focusing on building up the slow-twitch muscles that make you look fit without making you appear bulky. This is one reason some women prefer barre exercises to weightlifting.

Isometric Exercises Build Endurance

With a portable ballet barre at home, you can build both physical and mental endurance through isometric exercise. You will feel the shake of your muscles in each exercise, and eventually it will take longer for the shake to start up. With growth you can actually see and feel, you will be motivated to come back to your barre day after day.

Isometric Exercises are Easy on the Joints

Low impact exercises like barre are great for your joints because they do not require factors like momentum and jarring movements or thrusts. You do not have to lift heavy weights or jump. Instead, the focus is on controlling your muscle movements in slow, steady ways.

Finally, you cannot forget that isometric exercise can be affordable to do at home. You can purchase your very own portable barre for your home, office, or dorm so that you can work out whenever you want. Contact us to learn more about how you can use a barre to get or stay fit.