The Advantages of Portable Barres vs Wall Mounted Barres

If you've ever seen a documentary about a well-known ballet company, or even just a YouTube video like this one of the Royal Ballet, you know ballet class begins with dancers filling the entire studio for their barre exercises. Iconically, the dancers are assembled row by row on portable barres as well as wall mounted barres. The truth is, in for many companies, portable barres are an essential part of their class in order to have space for all of the dancers. This blog post looks at portable barres versus wall mounted barres not just for large companies but also small and large studios worldwide.

Wall mounted barres are surely a fixture of most dance studios. But while they are convenient because they are always there, they also have their drawbacks. There often isn't enough space on the wall mounted barres for all the students in a class or participants in a company. The rest of the space in the room can be utilized for barre with dancers standing on both sides of portable barres. 

Some studios may be hesitant to turn to portable barres because they aren't as sturdy as wall mounted barres. But that was before Boss Ballet Barres. We have paired our knowledge of the strongest steel and great design with what dancers need to create portable barres that are easy to set up and yet sturdy for class. We utilize a quick connect system that goes together with an included hex key that makes for simple set up and tear down. With our barres, you won't have the problem of portable barres that bow in the middle or teeter from side to side.

Many studios find they like having both wall mounted and portable barres. But when it comes to maximizing space and secure design, Boss Ballet Barres can provide you with portable barres to meet you needs. For more information, contact us today.