Stuck Inside On A Rainy Day? Try These Fun Indoor Ballet Activities

If you have kids, you know how crazy it can get when you're stuck inside on a rainy day. If you have one of our portable ballet barres in your home for your resident ballerina, then you are all set for some fun indoor dance activities that will help your little ones blow off some steam!

Ballerina Says

It's just like Simon Says, but with a ballet twist. The "teacher" guides the other players through different dance moves, starting with "Ballerina says..." or not. The difference here is that every time a dance does something when ballerina doesn't say, they're not out, they owe one lap around the portable ballet barre!

Freeze Dance

Pick the soundtrack to a favorite ballet, The Nutcracker or Swan Lake are recognizable ones. Press play and let your dancers move free form around the barre. When the music stops, they freeze!

Musical Ballet Barre

It's inspired by musical chairs, but with a twist. Have the players tie their shoes together and hang them over the ballet barre. When the music starts, they walk around the barre as they would chairs. When the music stops they find a place at one of the pairs of shoes. When the music starts again, remove one of the paris of shoes. Continue this until it is down to one pair of shoes and two players!

Bean Bag Boogie

Ok, so this isn't ballet, but it's fun, and you'll need your ballet barre to play. Separate children into two teams, one for each side of the barre, and give each team 10 bean bags. If you don't have any, that's fine, use rolled up socks. When the music starts, the teams pick up the bean bags and toss them to the other side of the barre. The goal is to have the least amount of bean bags on your side when the music stops!

Do you want to know more ways our portable ballet barres can be a fun addition to your home? Please contact us today!