The Strongest Barres On the Market. Period.

The Strongest Barres On the Market. Period.

As a studio owner or professional, the last thing you want to do is to have to think about when you'll need to replace your studio equipment. Whether it be for a dance studio, a fitness class, or for home studio use, you deserve to have a strong and long-lasting ballet barre, without a second-thought. That's why Boss Ballet Barres created the strongest free-standing and portable ballet barre available on the market. 

Our barres are made from a high-strength, durable, structural steel, and are therefore significantly stronger than the thin-walled aluminum barres offered elsewhere. On top of that, we also offer a limited lifetime warranty with each barre, to ensure that their strength and quality lasts. 

In addition to being the sturdiest barres available, they also lead the industry in ease of setup. Every Boss Ballet Barre offers a quick-connection system. So, all that is needed for setup is one hex key (and we even include one for free!). Durable and simple - the perfect combination for your studio needs. 

Here at Boss Ballet Barres, we offer several types of portable ballet barres for sale that can be conveniently shipped throughout the United States and even Canada to studios, universities, fitness facilities, and homes. We also offer barre accessories, like a dolly in order to effortlessly move your barre around the room or from location to location, or replacement parts whenever needed. 

Choose the best ballet barre for your needs from our Pro Barre Series (the best of the best), Intermediate Barre Series (great for smaller facilities or home use), or Princess Barre Series (perfect for little ones!). With so many wonderful options to choose from, we would love to help you find the barre that best fits your studio, fitness center, or home needs. For more information about our strong and highly durable barres, contact us today!