Strong Portable Ballet Barres

We understand that starting any new type of exercise routine or fitness routine can be exciting, but also very intimidating. It will not matter if it is your first time participating in a class or if it is the first time you have participated in months or years. A barre class is a meticulous workout that will combine various types of workouts, including the following:

  • yoga
  • ballet
  • pilates

If you have ever walked into a ballet studio, you have seen the type of equipment that is used. The main piece of equipment that is used in a ballet studio is the bar, right? A ballet barre is what you will use in a barre class, along with other pieces of equipment.

There is no doubt that a combination of these workouts can seem like a tough challenge. How will you know what to do with your body and your muscles? Is there a specific piece of equipment you will need? You will have several questions and thoughts going through your mind. However, it is important to relax and take a slow and deep breath.

When you participate in a barre class you will receive the support and guidance you need from your barre instructor and your fellow participants. Do not feel embarrassed to share some of the challenges and limitations you may have when it comes to the workout. Your instructor will be able to determine the best route for you to take based on your goals and limitations. 

If you notice yourself struggling at any point during the workout, we encourage you to remain patient and trust in yourself. Even if you feel that you have no idea what you are doing, you will eventually catch on and you will enjoy being a member of a barre class. 

When your body is being challenged, you will need to have a strong ballet barre to support you as you start your new healthy lifestyle. A barre class is going to work muscles and body parts you may have never heard of or knew existed, and you will want to have the right level of support as you are working those muscles. 

If you would like to know more about our portable ballet barres, please do not hesitate to contact us today.