Strong Portable Ballet Barre: Supporting Your Movements

Barre has quickly become one of the hottest trends in the fitness world. As trendy and popular as barre has become over the years, there are still some people who are asking the question: "What exactly is barre?" 

While barre may have originated from dance, this does not mean you need to have a dance background in order to appreciate everything that barre has to offer. Everyone who wants to participate in barre can feel comfortable participating in barre because it is a low-impact fitness workout.

A barre workout is used to develop muscles in a manner similar to that of a dancer. A barre workout also develops and improves one's pliability and one's stability. When anyone is looking for a better way to improve one's muscles that many people do not know they have. Barre consists of many movements that are new to many of us, and many of those movements are very small movements. 

Generally, micro-movements are better for several workouts because one of the key points of a barre workout is to tire the muscles as fast as possible so they can be broken down. After muscles are broken down due to the small movements, the muscles will grow back, but the muscles will be slimmer and leaner. In the beginning, you may start with a position that will allow you to hit your muscles as hard as possible. You may feel your muscles and your entire body shaking in the beginning, but this should make you feel good because it means you are doing something right. 

While your barre workout may not be a high-impact like some other workouts you have tried in the past, this does not mean you should view it as anything less than a fitness workout. You will burn an exceptional amount of calories during your barre workout and you will continue burning calories even after you head home. 

If you are new to a barre workout and you have not spent a significant amount of time working on some of your muscles groups, such as your arms and legs, your barre instructor will be able to provide you with different types of exercises. A barre instructor will provide you with every opportunity to challenge yourself to ensure you find a workout that meets your skill level.

When you are preparing to participate in your first barre workout, you are going to need a strong barre and not one of the thin-walled aluminum barres that are currently offered. A strong portable ballet barre will provide you with the structure you need to align your spine, your hips, feet, and other body parts. You will be able to stay aligned with every movement because you will have a structure that has enough strength to support you and your movements.

If you are ready to explore the muscles and other body parts you want to get acquainted with, please do not hesitate to contact us today for more information on our portable ballet barres and tips for your first upcoming barre workout.