Steel Ballet Barres: A Valuable Choice

Steel Ballet Barres: A Valuable Choice

Julie's a dance instructor, though she may not be for much longer. Her studio space, a rented room in the local community center, has had its old-fashioned ash ballet barres pulled out over the holiday in an attempt to modernize the room. No barre means no dance classes, which means no more studio space, which means Julie's in deep trouble. 

The community center advises her to obtain her own, portable ballet barre. A daunting task, given Julie's a post-grad with a pile of student loans. Her disposable income is small, at best, and must be employed carefully in order to keep her in business (and her students in class!) She needs to find a barre with great value.

Julie takes to the internet. A daunting task. Even after putting aside Amazon and eBay, which Julie doesn't trust, there is an endless slew of options she can't be sure of. Whatever Julie buys needs to serve her and her students for years to come, and a failed-and-returned barre literally can't be afforded! It needs to be portable, strong, and to serve her students' needs without fail. 

She does her research, reads a plethora of happy reviews, and makes her choice.

She Chooses Steel

Julie confidently selects a portable steel barre that fits comfortably in her price range. Steel, she thought, would be unusual, but it turns out to be lighter and more steadfast that any portable barre she's seen before. Better, for sure, than the portable wood and aluminum barres she saw marketed for premium prices.

Her students take to the barre amazingly. After a conveniently quick setup, Julie can put multiple students on either side of the barre without a wobble or a creak; a total improvement over the room's aged wood barre, and definitely better than what reviewers said of similarly-priced wood or aluminum barres.

Within a few classes, Julie's valuable choice of a steel barre has already paid off, and it'll continue to for years to come. 

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