Spring Cleaning Sale: For the Strongest Ballet Barres and Communities

Caught the Marie Kondo bug and tidying up for the season? Us, too! We're excited to announce our Scratch and Dent Sale, as well as encourage you to repurpose the...

Caught the Marie Kondo bug and tidying up for the season? Us, too! We're excited to announce our Spring Cleaning Sale, as well as encourage you to repurpose the less-than-perfect items in your home. Don't worry -- these ballet barres are still the strongest and most durable out there, they just might have a scuff or two on their surface, just like your old tap shoes. Here are a few ideas for pairing our Spring Cleaning Sale with a Wear and Tear cleanse of your own.

Donate Dance and Ballet Shoes

Footloose is a nonprofit organization that accepts donations of new and gently used dance shoes throughout the year, and if you're in the United States, they even have drop boxes available. These in-kind donations are shipped or delivered to dancers and schools in need, like the Gambia Ballet Factory. This West African school is also happy to accept costumes, books, DVDs, music and other items related to the world of dance.

Donate Dance Costumes and Attire

Closet overflowing with tulle and sequins? Consider unloading all that fabric to Traveling Tutus, a nonprofit organization that collects and delivers costumes around the world. Orphanages, hospitals, nonprofits and other groups in 29 countries have benefited from their work -- maybe your too-small leotards are next? Another organization called DanceDonations.org accepts girls and boys costumes in all sizes, as well as shoes, tights and leotards, which are then distributed to children and schools that can't afford these essential supplies.

Give Locally

The above organizations are just a sampling of the ways you can give back while tidying up. Reach out to schools, studios, theaters and youth centers in your neighborhood. We bet they'll leap at the chance to have new dance resources at their disposal.

Reusing and repurposing is great for the environment as well as your soul; we hope you're inspired to give a home to one of our dented darlings, too.

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