Prima Ballerina or At-Home Barre Workout Lover, Boss Ballet Barres Has Something for Everyone


Barre exercises have become incredibly popular for dancers and fitness enthusiasts. Today more than ever you don't need to be a professional to benefit from the increased strength and flexibility a barre workout provides. While wall-mounted barres are traditional, they require more wall space, limit the number of participants in each class, and unless you have the space for a fitness room in your home a mounted bar is impractical. Enter our Boss Ballet Barres: the perfect solution for small studios, large companies, and a great at-home workout. 

Strength of Versatility

Whether you choose our Boss Barre Intermediate, Pro, or Boss Physio Barres you have the guaranteed strength for all your needs. Boss Barres are made of structural steel for maximum strength. You won't need to sacrifice ease of use for durability either.  Designed with a quick-connection system, all you need is a simple hex key (included) to set up and break down your portable bars. Since your new portable bar is designed with versatility in mind you can easily have a class of toddlers early in the evening and host adults that same night!

Utilize Your Space Efficiently

Unlike mounted ballet barres, when you choose one of our portable barres you will be able to place students on both sides of the barre. With the flexibility to position students on either side, you can host larger classes giving students more room to practice versus a traditional wall-mounted barre. Finally, with the ability to offer larger classes you'll pay for your new portable barres more quickly! 

Perfect for at Home Training

Our smallest bar, the Boss Barre Intermediate is the perfect size for anyone looking to train at home. Whether you are an at-home fitness enthusiast or a ballerina hoping to practice extra reps at home, this petite barre is the perfect fit for at-home use. 

Offering superior durability and portability Boss Ballet Barres are the perfect addition to your studio or at-home workout routine. Contact us today to learn more.