Practice at Home With a Portable Ballet Barre and Online Classes


Sure, we all need to stay home for the time being, but that doesn't mean you need to let yourself lose what you've gained in dance class. In fact, we'd even go so far as to say it's the perfect time to put in a bit of extra effort, work on technique, flexibility, and strength, or even learn an entirely new form of dance.

Find a Barre

Of course, you'll want the proper tools in order to do this. One of the best tools to have on hand is a portable ballet barre. A small barre in your home will allow you to stretch and train properly. Additionally, it will offer support as you learn new movements.

Find a Class

Another tool you'll need? Some material to practice. You could do the same routines you've done in class, but why not mix things up a bit to keep them interesting? There are tons of online dance classes and workouts just waiting to be found.

Whether you're looking to improve your current abilities or add a new dance style to your repertoire, there is something for you.

Try one of these fantastic options:

  • The Bar Method — Online barre classes.
  • Dance Plug — A variety of dance classes all on one site.
  • Aistear Irish Dance — Irish dance lessons and included teacher feedback.
  • Outschool — This site has a whole slew of online classes, including some pretty awesome dance classes.

Get Started Today

By investing in a barre, finding online lessons, and moving your living room furniture around to make room, you should be able to accomplish some pretty productive at-home practice sessions. Try getting in a bit of practice every day so you can return to dance classes polished, strong, and ready for a new season of dance.

Not sure which portable ballet barre might be right for you? Have questions about how to order? We'd love to help! Please contact us today.