Portable Ballet Barres Help Small Studios Deal with the New Year Rush

Portable Ballet Barres Help Small Studios Deal with the New Year Rush

If you operate a small studio or gym, you probably know that a curious thing happens about this time each year when January rolls around. You probably see an increase in people buying memberships, and attending your groups classes and other programs. After all, staying fit and losing weight tend to be the two most popular New Year resolutions.

One way to deal with this annual influx is to consider how you can use portable ballet barres in your facility. Take a look at how the right equipment makes it easier to respond to the increased demand.

Accommodate more bodies: Compared to barres that are fixed to a wall, our barres can be set up and moved around quickly to suit whatever layout you need. That includes placing individuals on both sides of the barres. That way you can create additional room for newcomers, and your current members won't feel like they're being crowded out.

Keep everyone engaged: Imagine how a relatively sedentary person might feel when they suddenly find themselves in the middle of a large and intense group fitness class. They're more likely to have a positive experience with a barre class where you can start them out with gentler exercises, and let them work their way up gradually. Plus, there's far less risk of injury when people are able to work out at their own individual level.

Deliver results: Fancy water and soft towels are thoughtful touches, but tangible results are more likely to keep new members coming back. The biggest benefit of barre workouts is that they work so stay focused on helping your students to improve their health and fitness.

Start the New Year right with our affordable, durable, and versatile free-standing barres. Contact us today to see why over 250,000 students, teachers, and professionals choose Boss Ballet Barres.