Portable Ballet Barres for Small Studios: Senior Barre Classes

Portable ballet barres are a smart choice for small studios that offer senior fitness classes. In fact, small and specialized boutique fitness studios are one of the fastest growing segments of the gym industry, and an aging population that wants to stay active for years to come provides a growing audience for senior barre classes.

Advantages of Barre Classes for Seniors: Barre exercises build muscles, increase balance, and enhance flexibility. No wonder doctors often recommend them for their older patients. Plus, the low impact moves are easy on the joints, and may even provide some relief from back pain and pain caused by arthritis by strengthening the body's core and the muscles surrounding the joints.

How to Engage Seniors: There are a number of things to keep in mind when designing barre classes for seniors. Many of your clients will appreciate focusing on practical benefits so point out how barre exercises can improve their mobility, protect them from falls, and maybe even speed up their progress if they're trying to lose weight or receiving physical therapy. While it's important not to stereotype this age group, seniors are likely to prefer softer music and appreciate opportunities to socialize. It also helps to give your classes a fun name that will make people want to sign up.

Boss Ballet Barres are suitable for even the smallest studios. Our portable barres offer great value, easy storage and amazing versatility. Despite their low price, our barres are strong, stable and can hold up to constant use. Contact us to find the right products for your studio.