Portable Ballet Barres for Creative, Flexible Fitness

Barre classes have been gaining popularity as a safe and effective method of exercise for several years. Once exclusive to ballet training, the tremendous gains in strength, balance, and flexibility are no longer only available to burgeoning ballerinas. Boss Ballet Barres have been a leading fixture in dance studios for over a decade, and there are now many more applications for our barres than just classical ballet classes; everything from boutique Pilates, fitness and yoga studios all the way up to universities and professional sports teams.

The advantages of using the barre have been recognized and adopted by fitness instructors in gyms, yoga studios, and other forms of dance. Our portable barres are ideal for multi-use spaces as they can be moved and stored out of the way with ease. The same goes for a smaller space, such as in the home. For transient teachers, they are broken down with minimal effort and brought from one place to another. They conserve space, save on funds, and increase the possible number of students because one barre can be used by twice as many people.

By virtue of being freestanding and placed in the center of a studio rather than along the walls like other wall mount bars using brackets, portable barres make checking form far simpler than craning to see the mirror. The advantages of barres being movable are clear.

The primary caveat of portable barres in the past was a lack of proper construction and weak aluminum materials. Inferior alignment will leave students with something that tilts or wobbles when weight is put on it, which is not only uncomfortable and leaves students feeling insecure but is also dangerous. Boss Barres are made of high strength structural steel - an exclusive material and build process that has earned us the reputation of the strongest barres available - anywhere. Our name is one that fitness instructors and dancers trust to support their students while they build technique and confidence.

With a selection of barres for youngsters, smaller spaces or even large studios, schools & universities, and with the assurance of our limited lifetime warranty, you can't go wrong. Contact us here for more information about which Boss Ballet Barre would be best for your needs.