Portable Ballet Barres for Barre Fitness at Home

If you love going to barre class and can't get enough, Pure Barre released some exiting news recently. They are beginning a Pure Barre On Demand subscription so you can do barre anywhere from any device. Many of the people who are barre fitness goers are diehard fans. But the reality is it is hard to get to class as many times a week as you would like. Finances, scheduling, kids, and travel for work or leisure are just a few reasons why you have to skip class. Whether you go to Pure Barre or barre classes at another fitness or dance studio, this app could be just what you need to get your shake on.

The app in intended to require no equipment. However, having access to a portable ballet barre can only help! A portable ballet barre will allow you to get the burn in at home like you do during class. You can get light hand weights inexpensively at most big box stores but the Pure Barre promo video even suggests grabbing some water bottles for weights and a pillow instead of a ball.

According to the Pure Barre website, there will be 45, 30, 10, and 5 minute workouts so you can pick whichever routine fits your schedule. If you only have 30 minutes before you need to get ready for work or 10 minutes before you have to pick up the kids you can enjoy a Pure Barre quality workout from the convenience of wherever you are.

Boss Ballet Barres is proud to help people reach their fitness and dance goals by providing them with the best portable ballet barres for home or studio use. For more information about the strongest portable ballet barres for barre fitness at home, contact us today.

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