Portable Ballet Barres Expand Your Studio's Capabilities

If you operate a dance studio, you can be limited by the space you have. For ballet classes, you need a spot at the barre for each student. Your studio most likely has a built-in barre on one or two of the walls. Another wall is covered in mirrors and the other may have the entrance, some seating, sound equipment, or a piano. Regardless, when you run out of wall space for your students, that doesn't have to be the maximum capacity for your class.

Portable ballet barres can be placed in the center of the room during barre. Depending on the room size, this allows you to have one or even two more rows of dancers. There is something beautiful and breathtaking about seeing a room full of ballerinas at the barre, doing their barre routine in sync with one another and the music.

If you need portable ballet barres to make this possible at your studio, contact us at Boss Ballet Barres. We make the strongest portable barres because we understand what dancers need to be able to complete a good class. They need to not worry about pulling the barre over or having it collapse beneath them. Ballerinas need to be able to stretch on the barre without it wobbling around. Boss Ballet Barres offers barres in a variety of lengths so you can get a portable barre that maximizes the space in your studio. Check out the different models on our website and order a new portable ballet barre for your studio today.