Portable Ballet Barre for Physical Therapy

Many physical therapists are familiar with the benefits of ballet as part of a physical therapy program for their patients. They often suggest ballet exercise for strengthening recovering muscles and other soft tissue. Core strengthening can also be accomplished through ballet barre exercises.

Demi plies, tendus, petite battements and gentle rond de jambes will assist with all of the above goals.

Gentle ballet exercises are also often recommended by physical therapists and doctors for people over 65 who may have balance difficulties. To recover from injuries, illness and to prevent falls, ballet barre exercises are especially helpful.

Once the routines have been learned, a patient can work at home with these exercises. But, a sturdy, durable portable ballet barre is necessary.

Boss Ballet Barres are the sturdiest and most durable portable ballet barres around. Made with quality materials, including highly durable structural steel tubes, our free-standing portable ballet barres cannot be topped. They come with a limited lifetime warranty. They can easily be moved against a wall for storage.

Teachers enjoy our portable ballet barres in their studios and professional dancers use them at home. They have a variety of valuable uses, not the least of which is for physical therapy.

If you are over 65 and just want to get into better shape, improve your posture or get some exercise with ballet, our portable ballet barres are the perfect choice for you. If you need help improving balance, overall health or with injury recovery, you can't go wrong with our portable ballet barres

Just contact us and we will help you determine which one of our portable ballet barres is just right for you. Then put on your favorite music and enjoy the gentle exercise!