Portable Ballet Barre for "Barre at the Bar" Events

Portable Ballet Barre for "Barre at the Bar" Events

Barre fitness classes are growing in popularity each and every day thanks to strong workout results and the typically fun atmospheres associated with a barre exercise group class. As more and more fitness enthusiasts gravitate to this form of exercise, they are having added fun by attending parties and events knows as "Barre at the Bar". A portable ballet barre from Boss Ballet Barres is perfect for hosting parties, kick-off events, and fundraisers that need to take place outside of the studio. Boss Ballet Barres can travel with the instructor and are easy to set-up and use within any atmosphere, especially one that will serve cocktails after a fitness class.

Downtown Scene

Many downtown establishments and studios are joining forces to host fun nights that show off the great work-out that is barre fitness. The play on words between "bar" and "barre" make these events catchy and memorable, and have been known to get interested individuals excited about working out on a barre because their first encounter with this type of exercise can happen in a cool and inviting establishment.

Breweries and pubs have their own bar to serve refreshments, while instructors and studio owners get to showcase the barre for strengthening one's muscles and core in a unique and entertaining environment. Many have been known to throw a leg up on the actual bar, but most enjoy using a portable barre and getting their muscles toned before relaxing after class with a cold, refreshing beverage.

Special Events

By having a portable barre, an instructor and studio owner can travel to pop-up events and get involved in the downtown scene as a way to shed light on their fitness schedule, group classes, and individual instruction training opportunities. Having a portable barre for these events shows that the person running the class is an expert in the field of barre fitness and takes the work-out seriously enough to have the main focal point of equipment with them, even when he or she is off-site to teach an exercise class. 

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