Pilates and Barre: A Runner's Best Friend

Does the thought of upcoming snow and ice put a damper on your running routine? Want to take your training to the next level and mix it up? Pilates and Barre are phenomenal movement exercises to strengthen and stretch essential areas in your body. It doesn't hurt that they also sculpt and tone your body at the same time. Here's why Pilates and Barre will rock your routine:

Stretch your limit. In running, stretching is the incredibly mundane part you tend to rush through. Barre forces you into deep stretches after working key muscle groups. In turn, your newfound flexibility can supercharge your endurance and efficiency.

Low Impact. As we all know, running is a high impact exercise. Barre and Pilates offer concentrated movements that are extremely effective at strengthening arms, back, legs, core and smaller stabilizing muscles, all while being low impact. Your sore knees will thank you!

Correct Muscle Imbalances. The same repetitive movements work out the same muscles in running. This results in over-developed muscles, such as the quadriceps, and weak, underdeveloped muscle groups - think hamstrings, side glute muscles, and back. This inequality almost guarantees injury over time. Pilates and Barre both increase strength in support.

Try incorporating Pilates and Barres in your training routine. Find a local gym that offers these classes or even better, enjoy them from the comfort of your home. Owning a ballet barre allows you to work out regardless of the time or weather. Contact us today to learn more about our portable, free-standing ballet barres!

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