Meet Your New Year's Resolutions With Our Strongest Ballet Barres

The new year is right around the corner. Like most people, you're likely looking forward to putting 2020 in the rearview mirror and heading into brighter days. It's possible your hope of brighter days involves some new year's resolutions. 

The Quandary of New Year's Resolutions

We all need to make changes and improvements in our lives, and many people leverage the fresh energy of a new year to kickstart those changes. But do new year's resolutions really work?

The answer is...kind of.

Research shows that 46% of people do keep resolutions for at least six months, and 8% keep them for the entire year. That 8% might seem small, but people who choose to make a New Year's resolution are 10 times as likely to keep them over those who pursue improvement in another way. (Wavelength)

While new year's resolutions don't work for everyone, they do work for some people. Those "some people" could include you!

Keeping Fit with Strong Ballet Barres

If your new year's resolution includes increasing your physical fitness in any way, the time may be right to consider investing in one of the market's strongest ballet barres. 

Not helpful solely for those who are training in the actual art of ballet, ballet barres also contribute to some of the best at-home workouts out there. A simple 30-minute barre workout can help you burn calories, gain agility, become more flexible, tighten your core, and build strong muscles--particularly in your legs, glutes, and back. Plus, these workouts are simply a lot of fun!  

We Can Help

Here at Boss Ballet Barres, we produce the strongest portable or free-standing ballet barres available. We ship all over North America at affordable rates; and if you hurry, you could have yours delivered just in time for the new year.  

To hear more about our premium barres, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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