Improve Your Studio's Flexibility with a Portable Ballet Barre

Imagine the dance studio... a room with mirrors lining at least one wall, and a barre running across another. It's a place of joy, enthusiasm, and movement. Many children and adults have experienced the triumph of executing a perfect tap sequence, and the challenge of stepping onto Pointe for the first time.

One piece of equipment that is essential for any dance studio is the barre. Whether you are teaching young children the rhythms of tap dance, bolstering confidence with an adult jazz class, or honing the skills of an experienced ballerina, every dancer needs a good quality barre. It is literally the backbone of dance, providing structure and stability for all dancers. 

Many studios have barres fixed to the wall, which are structurally sound but do not allow for much flexibility in where the students can stand in the room. One investment that every dance studio should consider is the Portable Boss Ballet Barre. The Portable Ballet Barre from Boss Ballet Barres is made out of high-strength structural steel and can be assembled using only the hex key that is included in your purchase. A Portable Ballet Barre is an excellent choice for your studio, with many advantages. 

More Flexible

Regardless of the kind of dance taught in a particular studio, the Portable Boss Ballet Barre can be moved around to suit the needs of each class. It gives each teacher flexibility, so they can set up the room in exactly the way that works best for their teaching style or class size. Since students can line up on both sides of the barre more students can utilize the barre at one time. This is an advantage over the wall-mounted barres. So whether you have 20 four-year-olds practicing their first position, or tap dancers using the support of the barre to get the perfect foot strike, the Portable Ballet Barre can accommodate any scenario. 

More Cost-Effective

Because the Portable Ballet Barre has the flexibility of a top-notch ballerina, it is also a cost-effective solution for your studio. If you are opening a studio for the first time, the Portable Ballet Barre allows you to learn about your space and your needs as you teach, so you are not stuck with an arrangement that makes you unhappy as your studio grows. Boss Ballet Barres are the strongest on the market, and your purchase will last for many years. By purchasing the Portable Ballet Barre, you are allowing for more growth because of its stupendous flexibility.  Portable Ballet Barres can help you plan your classes to be fun, interesting, and different. 

Boss Ballet Barres provides the best quality equipment so your studio can be its best too. To learn more about how a Portable Boss Ballet Barre will benefit your studio, contact our team.